LOG.IN continuously looks for talented and skilled personnel to be inserted in our teams in Italy, England and abroad.


A well tested apprenticeship program provides the bridge between university and the industrial world.


Working at LOG.IN means innovation, continuous training, daily challenges and professionalism.

He has a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering. He has joined LOG.IN in 2008, he went to Sweden to support a flight simulator for two years, he is now the Office Manager of the Angera site. Do you think you are as skilled as he is? Send us your CV!

Job Opportunities

Ref. A - Software Engineer C++ / Qt - Italy - Angera (VA)


Ref. B - Software Engineer C++ / Qt - Italy - Roma


Ref. C - Software Engineer Matlab/ Simulink/C++/Qt - Italy - Angera (VA)


Ref. D - Software Developer C++ / Qt - Italy - Angera (VA)


Ref. E - Telecommunications MSc Engineer - Italy - Rome


Ref F - Software Engineer C++ / Qt - Yeovil - Roma

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