EXERCISE CGF (Computer Generated Forces) is a software tactical scenario simulator that provides non-programmer users the ability to create and simulate complex and realistic operative scenarios.


EXERCISE CGF capabilities have been specifically designed for Search and Rescue (SAR), Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR), Electronic Warfare and C4I Mission Planning.


Typical users of EXERCISE CGF are Civil and Military Training Organisations, Security Agencies, Environmental Protection Organisations, C4I operators and Mission Planning Officers.


EXERCISE CGF enables full mission training capability - moving the training horizon from platform manoeuvring training to the command and control of the platform immersed within realistic operative theatres.


  • Live mission training
  • Environmental conditions simulation
  • Mission rehearsal
  • Battlefield simulation
  • Command and control and C4ISR
  • Hardware in the loop testing
  • Human in the loop testing
  • Decision Support

System Features

  • Modelling of surface, sub-surface, ground and air platforms based on user defined parameters
  • Highly realistic sensor simulation, including radar, infrared, comms, iff, laser based on user defined parameters
  • Support of CDB (Common Database) and Open Flight terrain databases
  • Plug-in based architecture
  • HLA native support
  • Artificial intelligence for human and mission doctrine modeling
  • Recording, playback, restart from saved time bookmarks
EXERCISE CGF - Tactical Scenario Generator - Computer Generated Forces (CGF) EXERCISE CGF - Tactical Scenario Generator - Computer Generated Forces (CGF)

Scenario Simulation Features

EXERCISE CGF generates dynamic and realistic synthetic scenarios where user-defined entities, such as ships, helicopters and humans, interact between themselves and with the trainees according to user-defined doctrines.


Entities' capabilities, sensors and weapons can be created by the user and controlled through articulated mission doctrines.


In addition, the probabilistic simulation engine enables “What If” analysis, turning EXERCISE CGF into a powerful Decision Support System. In this way it can be used to simulate and optimise operative scenarios like fleet management and sensor positioning.


EXERCISE CGF - Tactical Scenario Generator - Control Map EXERCISE CGF - Tactical Scenario Generator - Control Map

Plug-in Based Architecture

The plug-in based architecture together with the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) and High Level Architecture (HLA) full compatibility allows EXERCISE CGF to be integrated into any distributed training and simulation environment.


EXERCISE CGF has a plug-in based architecture with the following modules:


  • Entities Database containing all the simulated entities’ characteristics (i.e. dimensions, max speed, Radar Cross Section)
  • Simulation Algorithms (including platform dynamics, sensors, environmental effects)
  • Mission Tasks Database to reproduce the operative doctrines behaviour
  • Simulation Engine to run the scenario
  • Tactical Map to create and control the scenario
  • Interfaces to exchange data in a distributed simulation environment

Environmental Conditions Simulator

EXERCISE CGF comes with a special environmental simulator that generates environmental situations with realistic evolutions including the terrain correlation. The weather situation in the operative area evolves during the mission and phenomena like tides, sea currents and winds are  modelled using state of the art algorithms based on fluid mechanics theory and a numerical weather prediction modelling.


Particular attention is given to the ocean dynamics modelling which simulates the water effect (waves and currents) according to the wind situation, the coast profile and the sea bed type. Sensor simulation is fed with the environmental data to provide realistic sensor performances.


EXERCISE CGF - Tactical Scenario Generator - Environmental Simulator EXERCISE CGF - Tactical Scenario Generator - Environmental Simulator

Mission Planning Training

Starting from a user-defined Common Operative Picture, EXERCISE CGF is able to generate C4I data, ADatP-3 operative messages, tracks data, METAR & TAF weather reports, NOTAM, ACO & ATO messages. Linking Exercise to any Mission Planning System allows it to perform live mission planning training, mission rehearsal and threat analysis.


This type of training allows the students to be trained not only on how to use the mission planning specific system but also on how to plan particular missions and how to react quickly to the sudden changes of the operative pictures.


EXERCISE CGF - Tactical Scenario Generator - Decision Support System EXERCISE CGF- Tactical Scenario Generator - Decision Support System

Decision Support Capability

The probabilistic analysis engine of Exercise allows fast scenario rehearsal and evaluation improving situational awareness. Scenarios can be imported from mission planning systems or tactical messages.


For example the user can ask the system to determine the best positioning of a network of EW sensors to respond to a specific threat over a specific terrain.

At the same time EXERCISE CGF can also simulate different scenarios that will determine the best way to deploy a fleet in order to accomplish a specific mission task.


In a CSAR (Combat Search and Rescue) mission Exercise can determine the best altitude, approach angle and speed to land on the extraction point minimising the detection probability of hostile weapon systems.

EXERCISE CGF is also equipped with high-resolution and high-fidelity floating models which allow the prediction of the drift movement of search objects or pollution spots like oil spills.


Combining this model with the Montecarlo probabilistic analysis EXERCISE CGF can predict the evolution of an emergency scenario and provide the required situation awareness to plan the correct recovery plan.

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LOG.IN does not expect any difficulties in obtaining the export license but the final response can only be given from the authority after the system configuration, the content of the service and the End Customer have been clearly identified.

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