Sensor Simulation

Thanks to its experience in the use of radio-frequency, spectrum and signal processing, LOG.IN has developed products for the simulation of behaviour and efficiency of optical sensors (video cameras, night vision NVG and FLIR), radar and radio and Electronic Warfare devices.


In the world of acoustics LOG.IN provides solutions for SONAR and Sonobuoys simulators.

These products are designed to be connected to EXERCISE CGF, the Tactical Scenario Generator, or as stand alone simulators to be integrated into other distributed simulation systems, thanks to standard architecture and protocol support such as HLA (High Level Architecture).


The simulation is based on algorithms developed by LOG.IN which are fed with parameters derived from public libraries or from user specific databases.

Computer Generated Forces & Tactical Scenario Simulation

A tactical scenario generator, also known as computer generated forces (CGF) or tactical server, is a software application to create complex and highly realistic operative scenarios.


Synthetic scenarios can be used for training, decision support, threats analysis, modelling and simulation, operative analysis, battle labs.


The generated scenarios are made up of simulated platforms (air, ground, surface and subsurface). The platforms interact between themselves using sensors, weapons, radios. Their behaviour is controllable through user-defined mission doctrines and artificial intelligence (AI).

The scenario gaming are uses a 3D digital terrain and the regional environmental affects the simulated sensors performances.


EXERCISE CGF is the Tactical Scenario Generator created by LOG.IN for the creation and execution of mission operational scenarios.


EXERCISE CGF has a plug-in based architecture. Electronic Warfare, Communitations Intelligence and Signal Inteeligence plug-ins are available.

Image Generators and Visual Database

One of the most critical aspects of simulation is the ability to mislead the senses, in this particular case, the sight. LOG.IN Image Generators support a high frame-rate and different types of visual databases and hardware.


Our Image Generators support an image update rate of 60 Hz as requested from FAA for Level 5 Flight Training Devices.


LOG.IN Visual Databases can be user for training, modelling, simulation & test, decision support and analysis applications.

Special Effects for Infrared (FLIR) and Night Vision Google (NVG) simulators

The LOG.IN laboratory develops visual databases, mobile models and optical sensor simulators based on data and specifications provided by the users. These systems meet the needs of flying at low altitude and support the Night Vision Goggles (NVG) and infrared visualisation mode.


The LOG.IN laboratory develops visual databases in Open Flight and CDB format. Specific conversion to other formats can be available on request.

Human Characters and Behaviours Simulation

Simulation of human characters and behaviours is very important to generate highly realistic scenario.


Motions, artificial intelligence and gestures are all rendered in a smooth way.


The simulation is managed through a special plug-in of EXERCISE CGF, the Tactical Scenario Generator.

In accordance with English and Italian law it might be necessary for LOG.IN to obtain an export license from the Export Control Authority.


LOG.IN does not expect any difficulties in obtaining the export license but the final response can only be given from the authority after the system configuration, the content of the service and the End Customer have been clearly identified.

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