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Brief Overview

EXERCISE RF is a top of the range hardware-in-the-loop COMINT Simulator for classroom and field COMINT training. EXERCISE RF can be used to provide COMINT training from ab-initio to advanced levels. 


EXERCISE RF is able to generate in real-time a complex  Electro-Magnetic Spectrum (EMS) which has multiple and independent signals arriving from various directions.


EMS can be fed into virtually any in-service Electronic Surveillance (ES) equipment via cables (e.g. C-ESM, COMINT receivers, Direction Finders, etc.) or radiated in the air by power amplifiers and antennas for field training.


EMS generation is based on training scenarios determined by instructors. The instructor can insert and move Electronic Surveillance sensors and COMINT targets in each training scenario. The generated Electromagnetic spectrum is coherent with their positions on the 6 axis, the 3D terrain propagation effects and the environmental conditions.


Signals are generated in accordance with Emission Plans which are time and script based.


At any moment during the simulation, the instructor can alter the mission route and the dynamics of any COMINT target or ES sensor. Additionally, the instructor can override the Emission Plan to change signal, frequency and power of each COMINT target.


EXERCISE RF uses Arbitrary Waveform Signal Generator and enables the generation of almost any I/Q signal (e.g. analog and digital modulations, mobile communication systems, commercial communications systems, etc.). I/Q signals can be created by the instructor in Signal Studio, recorded over the air using the Signal Recorded or imported from third-party sources.   


  • Classroom COMINT training including Electronic Surveillance (ES) and Electronic Attack (EA)
  • Field COMINT training
  • Generation of RADAR emissions for ELINT training (using the ELINT option)
  • Decision support for Verification & Validation (V&V) of COMINT libraries and operative procedures
  • Live mission training (e.g. ISR, Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance)

Key Features

  • Hardware-in-the-loop: use your in-service Electronic Surveillance sensors
  • Real-time generation of multiple and independent signals (i.e. it is possible to add and remove signals as well as changing frequency and power without stopping the spectrum generation)
  • Generation of practically any signal in the 9 KHz - 6 GHz range (frequency extension available)
  • SNR: independent for each of the signals
  • Simulation of surface, ground fixed, ground mobile and airborne emitters
  • Possibility to create or import antenna propagation diagrams
  • Possibility to control:
    • 3D position (i.e. 6 axis) of the COMINT targets and COMINT systems;
    • Terrain profile
    • Environmental conditions
  • Continuous scenario play, without time limits
  • Record, playback and restart at any point in the whole test session
  • Phase-synchronous replay of diversity signals (Correlative interferometry DF stimulation)
  • Time-synchronous replay of diversity signals (TDOA stimulation)
EXERCISE RF - Instructor Operating Station EXERCISE RF - Instructor Operating Station

Optional Features

  • Frequency Hopping
  • Fading Channel Simulator
  • ELINT Training Package (to generate and analyse ELINT signals)

Advanced Options

Correlative Interferometry DF Stimulation

A Direction Finder based on the correlative interferometry technique estimates the bearings using the phase differences of the signal received by multiple antenna elements.

The antenna calibration matrix is divided into sections. Each section contains the amplitude and the phase difference (for each element of the antenna) of a signal arriving from a specific angle.

The antenna is then calibrated on 360°, generally with a 1° step of resolution. 3D Direction Finders are also calibrated in elevation.

If the receiving antenna is replaced with EXERCISE RF, it is possible to stimulate the Direction Finder with emissions arriving from different directions.

In order to do this EXERCISE RF generates signals that have amplitude and phase difference that match those in the antenna calibration matrix.

As the scenario evolves the entities' positions change. EXERCISE RF changes the phase difference of each of the generated signal in real time so that the DF is stimulated with signals coherent with the emitters' positions.

For their convenience the operators can display the direction of arrival and the phase differences for each signal.

TOA-TDOA Sensor Stimulation

Because the RF outputs can be time synchronized, EXERCISE RF is the ideal tool to test a TOA or TDOA geo-location network, also validating the positioning of the single TOA or TDOA sensor and the geo-location accuracy in specific electromagnetic environments.

In order to perform this type of test, the operator has to define the position of each emitter on the tactical map. Both the sensors and the emitters can be on moving platforms controlled
by the tactical scenario.

When an emitter generates a signal, EXERCISE RF ensures that the signal arrives at each of the TOA or TDOA sensors with a time-difference coherent with the position of the emitter itself.

Export Control

In accordance with English and Italian law it may be necessary for LOG.IN to obtain an export license from the Export Control Authority.


LOG.IN does not expect any difficulties in obtaining the export license but the final response can only be given from the authority after the system configuration, the content of the service and the End Customer have been clearly identified.

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