COMINT Classroom Training System

Cover 90% of your EW training in a controlled propagation environment 

Build powerful and credible operational EW doctrine 

The COMINT Classroom Training System is an off-the-shelf and fully integrated COMINT training capability which provides classroom training for multiple EW job roles (e.g. intercept operators, analysts, C2, planners, etc.) in realistic, progressive, controllable and repeatable scenarios.


An extensive set of instructor aids are provided with the COMINT Training Lab to optimise resources in such a way as to make it feasible that only one instructor is necessary to co-ordinate and control the training session.


The COMINT Classroom Training System gives students the possibility to progressively develop key individual and collective EW training skills (e.g. Electronic Surveillance, Electronic Attack) within a controlled classroom environment in preparation for actual in the field deployment. Training scenarios produced for the classroom can also be run in the field using the field version of EXERCISE RF - COMINT Simulator.


In order to develop the COMINT Classroom Training System, LOG.IN combined their top of the range simulation and C-ESM & COMINT products, respectively EXERCISE RF – COMINT Simulator and Spectrum Monitoring Suite (SMS).



The key features of the COMINT Classroom Training System are:


  • Software Defined Radio architecture
  • Generation in real-time of radio-frequency electro-magnetic spectrum (EMS) with multiple and independent signals arriving from any direction (DoA)
  • Signals can be created using LOG.IN’s Signal Studio, recorded over the air (using the optional Signal Recorder) or imported from third-party sources (i.e. open industry standard for signal files)
  • Possibility to connect in-service C-ESM and COMINT systems to perform training using the same systems that are used during real missions.


There are no technical limits to the number of students. It is possible to create multiple networks of COMINT systems to train personnel simultaneously in command, control and co-ordination.

Spectrum Monitoring Suite - C-ESM and COMINT Training

Export Control

In accordance with English and Italian law it may be necessary for LOG.IN to obtain an export license from the Export Control Authority.


LOG.IN does not expect any difficulties in obtaining the export license but the final response can only be given from the authority after the system configuration, the content of the service and the End Customer have been clearly identified.

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