LOG.IN's Electronic Warfare Training Solutions Business Unit (BU) is based in Yeovil, England.


The EW Training Solutions BU specializes in:


  • EW training simulators;
  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaisance (ISR) simulators;
  • EW training courses.




LOG.IN EW Training Solutions BU offers EW Operators a fully integrated training capability that provides maximum training benefits right from the point of system acceptance and throughout the whole support period of any potential contract.


LOG.IN’s EW training solutions not only integrate hardware and software components but also the training elements (including support and scenario generation/script writing) as well as maintenance and logistical support throughout its technical life. In doing this LOG.IN believe that their training solution offers EW Operators a truly world-class Electronic Warfare training capability that would significantly increase the quality, realism and effectiveness of all future EW training.




The key training benefits of LOG.IN’s solutions are:

  • Progressive development of the key individual and collective EW training skills in a controlled classroom environment prior to deploying into the field.

  • Ability to train multiple EW job roles (intercept operators, analysts and planners) in realistic, progressive, controllable and repeatable scenarios. 

  • Ability to train and test multiple networked EW systems and personnel simultaneously in command, control and co-ordination. 

  • Ability to create progressively more complex and realistic scenarios through a combination of system generated Signals of Interest (SOI), pre-recorded operational missions and easily programmable scripted scenarios.
  • Ability to train, with minimal repetition, against scenarios that cater for all types of military operations e.g. war fighting, COIN, PSO, etc. through the development of an extensive scenario library.
  • Optimises resources as potentially one instructor can co-ordinate and control the training and testing of multiple EW sensors.

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