LOG.IN offers a wide range of products for the Government, Military and the Homeland Security sectors.

SMS (Spectrum Monitoring Suite) is a powerful and scalable Software Defined Radio application specifically designed for radio spectrum monitoring and surveillance.

SMS can be successfully used in military, homeland security and spectrum management applications; whenever it is necessary to detect, geolocalise, identify and analyse a radio emission. Spectrum Managers can use SMS in order to surveille the spectrum in order to perform ITU-R measurements and interferences detection.

SMS - Spectrum Monitoring Suite SMS - Spectrum Monitoring Suite



RMS-DF-X is a comprehensive family of radio monitoring (Intercept and DF) systems with a real Software Defined Radio architecture. RMS-DF-X systems are based on two main components: SMS and a set of front-end tuners selectable from the wide range available on the market. Visit the RMS-DF-X page to see the available configurations.

Airport SHIELD is an automatic radio monitoring system, specifically developed by LOG.IN for the protection of airports, ports and any strategic site against interferences and signal spoofing.

The capability of detecting and processing complex signals like GPS and mobile communications makes Airport SHIELD a very powerful system to combat high technology threats.


In accordance with English and Italian law it may be necessary for LOG.IN to obtain an export license from the Export Control Authority.


LOG.IN does not expect any difficulties in obtaining the export license but the final response can only be given from the authority after the system configuration, the content of the service and the End Customer have been clearly identified.

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