SCAPR (POR FESR 2014-2020, Aerospace & Security)

Project Title: System for the Contrast of Remote Piloting Aircraft


Project Acronym: SCAPR


Funding: POR FESR 2014-2020, Aerospace & Security


CUP: F83G17000830007


Project Total Funding: € 340.234,31

The project arises from the ever increasing necessity, especially by the aeronautical military authorities, to offer effective and inexpensive solutions to identify and counter the hostile, and in any case improper, use of UAVSs, better known as Drones.

The industry therefore, has been called upon to create the necessary tools and make them available to the competent authorities responsible for eliminating the threat.

The solution identified by the company LOG.IN, leader of the project in partnership with the company ARIES Sistemi and the La Sapienza University of Rome (IT Dept.), is easy to manufacture and can be put on the market quickly.

LOG.IN will make available to the partners, in addition to their experience in the field, the operating structures (calculation hardware and test infrastructures), while also using specialized services provided by various companies of excellence in the aerospace and aeronautics sector in Lazio.

ARIES Sistemi will actively collaborate on the project in the various phases, from design to coding, from the realization of the prototype to its engineering and production for the market.

The Department of Computer Science of La Sapienza University of Rome will be responsible for the development of the Sensor Planning and Deployment components, a subject whose study and implementation require, given its complexity, the skills and development methods typical of a Research Organization.


Project Consortium:

1) ARIES Sistemi


2) LOG.IN Srl


3) La Sapienza University of Rome (IT Dept.)


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