23 October 1983 in Rome

LOG.IN was established in Rome on the 23rd October 1983. The first products were SATME (Sistema Automatico Trattazione Messaggi) and COSTAR (Controllo Stazioni Radio).


SATME represented a revolution in Message Handling and Message Switching, allowing the automatic management of operative messages (ACP 126 and 127) between the telecommunications centres of the Italian Navy.


At the same time COSTAR enabled the remote control of the many transmitters and receivers of the Italian Navy located in the large number of Italian bases.


During the years the business expanded and SATME was successfully expanded to automatically process military ICAO messages procedures for AFTN (Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network) and submarines VLF broadcast.

COSTAR n.12 Tx HF – 12 Rx HF COSTAR n.12 Tx HF – 12 Rx HF

Year 2000: the Software Defined Radio

In 2000 a new generation of radio transceiver was developed: the Software Defined Radio (SDR). LOG.IN decided to invest in the development of a multi channel wide band SDR receiver.


The result was an 8 channel, HF-VHF-UHF, high end receiver for Communications Intelligence (COMINT) and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT).

8 Channels SDR Wide Band Receiver 8 Channels SDR Wide Band Receiver

2006: The first SCA Receiver

In 2006 LOG.IN, through a Research Project funded by the Italian MOD, developed SIMADM/SCA, a wide band receiver compatible with the SCA (Software Communications Architecture) release 2.2. 


The receiver was equipped with advanced SIGINT capabilities like the Automatic Modulation Recognition module.

White Paper about the SCA receiver


SIMADM/SCA Wide Band SIGINT Receiver SIMADM/SCA Wide Band SIGINT Receiver
SIMADM/SCA Wide Band SIGINT Receiver - GUI SIMADM/SCA Wide Band SIGINT Receiver - GUI

2007: The innovation

In 2007 the LOG.IN business model changed drastically -  from project development to product development.


LOG.IN launched onto the market a brand new family of Radio Monitoring systems with top of the range Direction Finding capabilities: RMS-DF-X.


A new Branch Office was opened in Angera (VA) in order to supply aerospace software and training systems to leading aerospace industries.


LOG.IN Advanced Electronic Systems, a UK and completely independent Company, was established to supply training systems for helicopters to the growing UK market.


Currently LOG.IN is an international Company specialising in Radio Monitoring, Electronic Warfare and Live Mission Training.


LOG.IN today

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